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HEY ALL! It's been over a month since my last post and I can blame that on a lot of things, but mostly it was laziness. There has been a lot going on with work, and trying to write, and  the holidays and in between all that I can't seem to bring myself to do much else. Thanksgiving came and went, I've had a couple of small dinner party get-togethers at my house with my old American Apparel friends who I miss tons (we had an early Christmas shindig), and I'm in the process of submitting some short stories and entering writing contests, so we'll see where that takes me. (Speaking of which, one of my American Apparel friends is the lovely and talented Kaity, who took the photo of me you see above. She's taking a photography class and she won an award with this photo! You can check out her amazing blog here. She's got great taste in books and music and photography. Worth checking out.) The big thing is that my sister is getting married tomorrow at the Laguna Beach courthouse, so Johnny and I are headed there in the morning to witness. And THEN. my niece-to-be, little baby Quinn, will be entering the world in January.

2012 has been a whirlwind year. When Johnny and I talked about it last year, in anticipation of us getting married-- and getting his teaching credential and my master's in creative writing-- we called 2012 our year, like the Zombies song obviously:

Last night I met up with some friends from my M.F.A. program for drinks and caught up, went through the obligatory "What have you got going on in your life?" conversation and drank a couple of beers. I'm always wary of those kinds of conversations because it's kind of uncomfortable to talk about unless you're actually doing something with your life. But these guys are great and we're all kind of in the same boat, floating around trying to make ends meet until we can actually catch that big break, with our writing and our careers and lives in general. I miss that sense of camaraderie for sure. I also miss workshops. 

Anyway, the point is that I'm not quite where I thought I'd be at the end of 2012, but Johnny and I decided we're starting the year mark at March 17th, the day we got married. So we still have a few more months to get our lives on track. Either way, I'm still happy! 

Also! I finally got an iPhone which means I've now got an instagram. Follow me @melissasonico .

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