I'VE BEEN EXTRA busy with work and transitioning to a different job and moving and moving forward and getting sick that I haven't had much time to update this blog. So, since I haven't written here in months and months, I'm thinking I'll do one big mega post of the highlights to bring everyone back up to speed-- if anyone is even still out there reading this. Even if they aren't, I'm starting to remember how much I like chronicling things for my own selfish needs.

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Johnny and my one-year anniversary was in March, on the 17th, so we decided to go to Santa Barbara for a few days and catch an acoustic Neutral Milk Hotel show. Jeff Mangum is kind of amazing; just as a person. It goes without saying how amazing he is as a musician. It was a nice small venue which I love. It was so intimate and just fantastic. We spent the other days eating delicious food and walking on the beach and picnicking in the parks. Walking around anywhere with Johnny is pretty ideal, but Santa Barbara really is beautiful. It's one of those places we talking about wanting to move to. Daydreams, you know?


April was a little less eventful in that I didn't do anything exciting, since my time was spent at Queen Bean Cafe or Muffin Top Bakery working on my teaching resume-- also known as a curriculum vitae, which just means "really long detailed academic resume." I'd been applying to various community colleges, looking for a job either around where I live now, or near Johnny's family in Whittier where we're thinking of moving near once we save up enough money to get our own place. In the meantime, we moved in with Johnny's mother rent-free in April and it's been great. We do miss our beautiful old craftsman in Redlands though. 

I also got to hang out with some old M.F.A. friends and my pal Anna, who just moved to North Carolina to get her M.F.A in art. She's an amazing artist. We went to see the Happy Show at the MOCA in LA and watched The Great Gatsby on opening day at the Laemmle-- matinee, of course to avoid those crowds.



Again, I was still working at denM and working on applications so I didn't venture out into the world too much at this point. My mom's birthday and Mother's Day are in the same month, though, so I did get to see a lot of her which is great because before they moved back to southern California, my parents were in Arizona and I rarely ever saw them. Right now they're in Orange County but they're moving back closer to me since my dad got a job with the county. My mom is pretty sad about that though because she'll be farther away from my little niece, Quinn. 

I also started playing music with my talented friend, Kaity. We've done a couple of shows and open mics, which has been so much fun. I love singing and playing music any way I can. Her stuff is great. You should definitely give it a listen


This is where things get blogworthy. I feel like I should probably dedicate a whole post to June and one for July as well but it's a little overwhelming. This first photo is from the Etsy Craft Party in Costa Mesa, which was a blast. I met up with my best friend Abby and we made zines, and pins, and cards and had a lot of fun. I miss her a lot.

The next couple of photos are from this awesome cactarium in Palm Springs. Ashley from Milk Teeths actually went there and it's so close to home for me that I had to check it out. Johnny doesn't like cacti so much but he liked it there too. They had a botanical garden in addition to the cacti.

The rest of the photos are from a day in Malibu with my friend, Kate. She and I just recently started going on adventures together and she's so much fun and a really sweet, funny, genuine person. You can see more of her on her super famous Instagram feed @katekipley, if you don't already follow her. 

Oh! Also in June, I found out I got jobs teaching at both a college in Whittier and one right down the street from where I live. So great.

july pt. one

July definitely needs two sections in the mega post. Lots going on. First off, the fourth of July was pretty mellow, but we had a lot of fun. Johnny's family came over and we had a barbecue and went swimming and then we went to the local high school and spread out some blankets on the football field to watch a pretty spectacular fireworks show. They were so big and bright and super close that the ash from the fireworks fell on us. Really neat.

The rest of the photos are from our annual trip to Big Sur. Here is another place where we feel like we would want to move there. I think if you went you would feel the same way. The weather is always perfect and the views are breathtaking; the mountains, the ocean, the sky, the trees. Instagram overload, for sure. For more photos from the trip, just head on over to my Instagram feed @melissasonico. We camped by Big Sur River and went to the beach and climbed rock, saw a nudist on a non-nudist beach, went to the hot springs at Esalen Institute at 1 a.m. at night in the fog, and had a lot of fun. We didn't go to Henry Miller Memorial Library like we did last year, which I was bummed about because I love it there, but there's always next year!

july pt. two

Last one! The second installment is dedicated mostly to me working on revamping my Etsy shop and re-stocking it with inventory and doing little photo shoots for it. I renamed HoneyBee Vintage to foraged. vintage. I have some new goods up right now, so check it out! The photo shoot was great. I worked with Kaity, Kate, and the super talented Abbie. She helped me with my shop redesign from the logo and business cards along with shooting my look book. You should check out her stuff

Also, I went to Joshua Tree with Kate in July. We woke up in the middle of the night and drove out there in time for the sunrise and it was so incredible. We had fun exploring the rock formations and the strange/abandoned buildings all along 29 Palms highway. We did have our share of mishaps including bee infestations and getting stuck in a sand pit and having to call AAA, but other than that, it was so so great. We have been planning to go back, but I got sick and couldn't go when we planned, which was during the summer Perseid meteor shower. I'm still not 100% but I'm hoping I'll get to go on more adventures soon.

I think this will be it for now. I was contemplating doing a mini section for the first half of August, but you probably haven't gotten through this far, so I'll cut it off here.