MY OLD BLOGGER PAL LIZ HULL from Brooklyn debuted her online vintage shop Mayflower Supply last November, and from the start, the hand-selected pieces have been phenomenal. That still holds true for her Spring 2014 collection of vintage wares which was released on May 12th. The difference this time is that she's also offering some non-vintage items in the form of dainty-but-cool jewelry from Winden Jewelry and really great foliage printed leather goods made in New York from Kertis Leather.

The thing I love about the pieces Liz finds is that they're vintage but also wearable. It's the kind of vintage look that's timeless and effortless. It's what I always hope to find for my own vintage shop Foraged. My favorite outfits from the lookbook are the monochrome white palettes (especially that short sleeved linen top and Patagonia shorts outfit!). I'm all about the white on white and various shades in between. I think that'll really be my go-to spring look-- with some blues thrown in here and there of course. 

Everything you see here-- and more-- is up for purchase right now if it hasn't already been scooped up, so head on over to Mayflower Supply right now!