. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . has been full of changes and growing up. It's probably one of my favorite years (aside from 2012, the year I got married and received my master's degree) in all my 31-and-so-odd years, I have to say. I think all this change is what prompted me to switch over from my dear old blogger two years ago (click here if you're interested) to the more streamlined and simple-- hopefully prettier-- blog you see before you. I'm gearing towards a clean, less-cluttered main page, with more text than pictures for the most part, starting in 2014. I am a writer after all. I just received my Masters in Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in creative writing, which in my case means I write fiction-- mostly short stories. I'm working at the moment on polishing some pieces to submit around, as well as an entire cohesive collection. You can find out more about my writing at my writing blog, although I haven't updated it since midway through my masters program quite a few years ago.

n the meantime, I blog on here, sell vintage clothing on Etsy in my online shop Foraged Vintage, stare at pictures of pretty food on Pinterest, fiddle around on my ukulele, watch Parks and Rec on Netflix, and read and re-read all the great books I can-- lately some Fitzgerald [because I'm teaching it in my composition class} and always always anything Flannery O'Connor and Joan Didion. I really want to get into running and eating better as well, especially cooking more instead of eating out. I used to bake a lot when I was younger and I'm planning on picking that up again.

In addition to getting my master's, I got myself a husband almost two years ago on St. Patrick's Day. You can see pictures from the day by clicking here.  We live in Southern California, which is where I've lived all my life. I also very much love music and fashion, of course. So hopefully you'll be seeing some of my adventures catalogued here, involving delicious dishes I've attempted, fashion DIY experiments, exotic places I've visited with my husband, and a whole host of other things.

If you have any other questions about the blog or my etsy, please inquire here. ♢